1. What is the store location? 6305 Northam Drive Units 9-11, Mississauga ON, L4V 1W9

2. What do I need to become a dealer? We have a dealer application that must be filled out thoroughly which allows us to learn everything about your store. We require a registered business number of your established aquarium business. New and expanding companies are always welcome to contact us directly for requirements. 

3. What is your preferred method of shipping livestock? We prefer to ship livestock orders through air, from airport to airport, using WestJet or CargoJet. This allows for the most expedited shipping possible, as well as insuring the handling and care of the animals is the utmost priority. FedEx Overnight Priority is available upon request, please contact us if you would prefer to use this method. 

4. What is your preferred method of shipping dry goods? We use a third party portal to get the best shipping rates between all carriers available. Should you prefer to use your own account, we will need you to forward us a shipping label and arrange pick up during our business hours. 

5. What days can I receive orders? We ship out Monday through Thursday, for Tuesday to Friday arrival. Unfortunately our facility is closed on the weekends.