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Reef Nutrition's new Breeder's Choice Roti-Clean Filter is designed to make benchtop-scale medium density culturing of rotifers simple and reliable. Live rotifers, are essential first-feeds for the larvae of many fish (for example, Clownfish) and the Roti-Clean Filter system makes growing them easy!

The Roti-Clean filter conveniently fits on the side of a 5-gallon bucket. The water movement through the filter aerates the culture, keeps the phytoplankton and rotifers suspended, and has a filter floss insert for waste removal.

Daily maintenance of the culture (aside from feeding and harvesting) is simple. See our maintenance instructions for details.

Note: Roti-Clean is replacing the original Compact Culture System (CCS) Basic and Starter Kit, which are still available for customers that prefer the original technology.

The Roti-Clean Basic Kit includes...
  • Main Unit
  • Lid
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Extension tube
  • Filter leveling device
  • Gradation sticker
  • 3 ml graduated pipette
You will need to supply...

Does the filter pump harm the rotifers?

It does not. The rotifers are pumped through the filter without any harm to their bodies. The pump does not reduce their ability to feed and reproduce.

Does the filter floss remove the rotifers?

No. The rotifers pass through the material. If the filter floss insert is fully clogged, the water and rotifers simply flow around it.


  • Commercial performance at bench top scale
  • Easy to use – easy maintenance
  • Medium density cultures
  • Stable cultures
  • Optimized oxygenation
  • Optimized circulation
  • Optimized waste control
  • Simple, durable design
  • Easily transported

Set up and Maintenance:

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